Let's Go!

Mint Your LaunchPass

A LaunchPass is your ticket into the WenMint accelerator. By minting a LaunchPass, you'll have full access to the WenMint platform and team.

The WenMint Platform

WenMint is an easy-to-use technology platform that automates the engineering tasks involved in launching a generative NFT collection on Ethereum.

Trait Management

Easily manage traits for your collection and apply rarity constraints prior to generation to ensure the collection has aesthetics you want.

Layer Management

Upload and name layers, assign them to traits, apply rarity constraints directly to layers, and generate your final collection from a single interface.

Art Generation

Generate your collection with a click of the button. Browse, filter, and curate from the WenMint interface to ensure the collection meets your standards.

Contract Deployment

Deploying your contract to Rinkeby for testing or to Mainnet for launch is as simple as a button click. Your images and metadata will not be exposed.

Sale Management

Easily manage your sale from within WenMint, including managing whitelist, toggling sale status, managing minting restrictions, setting price and more.

The Reveal

Instant or delayed reveal? WenMint will keep your metadata safe from prying eyes and automate the process of revealing your collection.


For over two decades, we've been building websites for some of the most well-known companies in the world. We'll make sure you launch with style!

Minting Form

Your website will include a customized minting form that integrates with your contract and makes it easy for collectors to participate in your sale.

Discord Setup

We support many of the biggest Discord servers in the NFT space. We'll help you setup your Discord and install bots to support your community.

Unleash Your Creativity

A Platform That Empowers Artists & Community Builders

The only thing standing between some of the world's most amazing artists and NFT entrepreneurship is engineering. We've worked hard to create a platform that allows artists and community builders to focus on what they do best.