1 LaunchPass (1 ETH) + 10% of MintRequired by all founders.
Guaranteed project delivery via the WenMint platform and support by the WenMint team. 10% coded directly into payment splitter.
Optional UpgradesFlat Fee
We offer a wide range of additional products and services.

What's Included

Our Standard Launch is extremely comprehensive and is sufficient for almost all NFT projects launching in the current market. It includes the following:

  • Security audit of your Discord setup.
  • Unlimited ERC721A contract deployments for both paid and free mints.
  • Unlimited ERC1155 contract deployments for both paid and free mints.
  • Unlimited use of our fully brandable, hosted minting form.
  • Unlimited use of our metadata API to secure your metadata during mint.
  • Unlimited use of our art generation tools (2D, 3D, animated).
  • Unlimited use of WenList, our cross-chain allowlisting app.
  • Unlimited use of our snapshotting and airdrop tools.

In addition to the platform features above, you will receive ongoing mentorship and support from the WenMint Team to help ensure that you hit the ground running, and you will have access to our "super community" from within Discord and Twitter Spaces to help grow your collaboration network and your community.

What's NOT Included

Our Standard Launch does NOT include the following:

  • We will not set up your Discord or implement any direct changes to your Discord.
  • We will not build your website.
  • We will not handle your art generation or fix issues in your metadata.
  • We will not directly interact with your community within your Discord.
  • We make no guarantees that we will promote your project in any way. We are not a marketing agency.
  • We will not create a custom minting experience. Our minting form is fully brandable and is sufficient for almost any launch in today's market
  • We will not customize your smart contract. Our contract patterns are battle-tested and flexible enough to handle almost any need.
  • We will not create the art layers for your project.

If you DO need some of the items listed under "NOT Included", please see our Premium Upgrades page.