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Why WenMint?

We've spent the last several years launching hundreds of NFT collections and a good number of crypto tokens as well. We've taken everything we've learned and created an ERC-404 deployment platform that is light years ahead of the rest.

Contract Deployment

Our deployer makes it easy to create an ERC-404 token by simply filling out a form. Once you're done, our Solidity factory deploys your contract from a battle-tested template.

LP Deployment

WenMint automates the tasks required to deploy an ERC-404 token, including creating the pair and whitelisting the owner wallet and pair. Just add liquidity and launch!

Free Claim Form

It might make sense to allow some of your most loyal community members to free claim tokens prior to or after launch. WenMint offers advanced free-claim features.

Pre-Sale Form

You may want to run a pre-sale to raise capital for liquidity and marketing. WenMint offers advanced allowlist and public sale features similar to a traditional NFT mint.

Allowlist Management

You can manage your free claim and presale allowlists by adding merkle roots and data URLs to your contract. Easily add and remove wallets on the fly and run lists concurrently.

Credit Card Minting

If you run a pre-sale, you can accept both native crypto and credit card payments via Crossmint, making it easy to onboard new users unfamiliar with Web 3.


Offer your community members, influencers, and partners a commission for referring people to your pre-sale. Commissions are paid out in real time and trackable via our R2E dashboard.


Deploy your ERC-404 collection on any EVM chain, including Polygon, Optimism, Avalance, BNB Chain and more. These alternatives offer huge gas savings over Ethereum.

Radical Support

We've been supporting founders in the Web 3 space for years and have a wealth of experience we'd love to share. Hop in our Discord and hit us up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a few answers to commonly asked questions about ERC-404.

There are several pricing packages available, depending on your budget and your expections for your project. You can choose pay a small upfront fee 1% of your supply to limit your launch expenses, or opt to pay a higher amount upfront and keep all of your supply. See our pricing packages below.

Before deploying your ERC-404 collection, you'll need to do art and metadata generation for your NFT and publish it to a file storage platform like IPFS or Arweave. We recommend Arweave for low-cost, long-term storage. Some founders also host images and metadata on Web 2 storage solutions such as Cloudflare. Whatever you go with, make sure your images and metadata are published prior to deploying your contract and have your base token URI handy, which you'll need to specify when deploying your contract.

Other than your base token URI, you'll be asked a few other questions during deployment, such as token name, token symbol, and total supply. Deploying takes less than a minute. The hardest part of deploying an ERC-404 collection is the same as traditional NFT collections: art and metadata generation. Once that is done and the files are published, launching an ERC-404 collection is a breeze.

After you deploy your contract, the only thing left to do is add liquidity to Uniswap. On the WenMint deployment confirmation page, you'll be given a link directly to Uniswap to do so.

With traditional NFTs, there was always a mint form and a huge effort to reach "sell out". Things work differently with ERC-404. Once you put up liquidity, people simply buy the token on Uniswap to "mint" the NFT into their wallet. ERC-404 tokens can be traded on OpenSea as NFTs or on Uniswap and other DEXes as crypto tokens. Holders can even trade fractional shares. There is no mint form unless you're doing a free claim or pre-sale. Buying and selling on Uniswap automatically mints and burns the NFT.

Bear in mind that when people buy on Uniswap, they have no idea what art work they'll get. If they want to pick NFTs from your collection based on their artistic merits and/or rarity, they'll need to buy on OpenSea.

We have a Discord for founders who have questions about ERC-404 or about NFTs and crypto tokens in general. We'll be re-opening up the Discord for community discussion soon. For now, just join and open a ticket. The WenMint team has been supporting founders for over 2 years and has launched over 300 NFT collections and many crypto tokens. We'd love to help you get up to speed!

WenMint is cross-EVM chain. We currently support Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Avalance. More coming.

Plans for People from Every Planet

Upfront cost depends on your launch budget. There are three packages to choose from. Pick one that makes sense for you.


  • Upfront Cost 250 USDC
  • % of Supply 1%


  • Upfront Cost 1000 USDC
  • % of Supply 0.5%


  • Upfront Cost 2500 USDC
  • % of Supply 0%
You Ready To Fly?

How To Launch an
ERC-404 Collection

Deploying an ERC-404 collection is a lot easier than deploying NFT collections in the "old days". There is no mint form required unless you run a free claim and/or pre-sale. To "mint", people simply buy tokens off of Uniswap.

  • Publish Your NFT Files

    After generating your art and metadata, deploy it to IPFS, Arweawe, or some other storage solution.

  • Deploy Your Contract

    Use WenMint to deploy your ERC-404 token. Our deployer will collect the necessary info and deploy your contract.

  • Deposit Liquidity

    Once your contract is deployed, simply add liquidity on Uniswap V2 or V3 and you'll be up and running!

Join The Waitlist

Our automated deployer will be live within the next few days, but we're interested in connecting with founders in the meantime to collect feedback. Complete the form below and someone from our team will reach out.

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